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Greater Vancouver Local resident, Crystal, has always had a deep connection with precious gemstones and crystals. Expanding her creations from sister company Halo & Honey Co. On a family trip to whistler with my Mother Nisha and Sister Laureen at the age of 10 is when it all began; I got my first crystal and realized I wanted to be apart of everything the spiritual mind has to offer.

Feeding the power of spirituality with the energy found in each hand selected crystal. Each of our pieces are chosen carefully for their beauty, meaning and healing properties. 


Ethically sourced crystals from around the world and modern day handcrafted goddess jewelry with alluring gemstones. Illuminating earthly treasures to flourish you and your sacred place on your spiritual journey.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful raw crystal to display in your home or a everyday pocket stone to carry with you, Crystal will help in finding the perfect stone for your particular needs.

Radiating Love, Light & Magic

Xo Crystal Founder & Owner

     Awaken Your Spiritual Goddess Within.

Meet Crystal

I am an IVF mama to a miracle moon babe, Amara. The wife to a talented tattoo artist and shop owner and my number one supporter, Matthew.


I am the creator and curator of a unique crystal shop as well as an aromatic candle company; Halo & Honey Co. I also do all my own photography as I am a trained photographer and the face behind the camera at Crystal Araujo Photography.


Aside from all my creative outlets and the mom life, I have always been a high vibing inked up spiritual fairy goddess with a love of crystals and the power of spirituality.

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